Proverb for the Day

So Chris and I were in Walgreen's sniffing the bodywash. (Don't act like you've never done it, no one buys new bodywash without knowing what it smells like.) I must of squeezed a bottle of dove a bit too hard cause all of a sudden it shoots out all over my nose.

Chris: "What did you do that for?"

Kyra: "Well its not like I tried!"

C: "Well go ask someone for a tissue or something!"

K: "No!" I was not about to admit to a store clerk I had been snorting the soap. I made a vain attempt to wipe it off with my hand.

C: "For goodness sake just go!" Chris pushed me towards a counter, and I asked for a tissue as nonchalantly as possible, pretending the stuff dripping from my nose was just snot. (Which is way better than bodywash?)

"Way to Go, by the way" Chris says to me when I return to the soaps aisle. He had settled on a Shea Butter bodywash, which is great as my skin has gotten horribly dry since I got pregnant. He just had to take one quick sniff to make sure the scent was acceptable...and promptly squitred soap right up his nose. Which brings us to Chris and Kyra's Proverb for the Day:

"Judge not lest you get soap up your nose too."


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