Gummy Bears, Rumba, and Blue Eyes

A few nights ago I came home to gummy bears whizzing by my ear. That's right, Chris was throwing food at me as I walked into our apartment. Specifically fruit flavored candy, which I think is way more amusing than had he been throwing something like, say, celery. Just wanted to point out what a goofball he is. Now on to my post...

Last night, Chris and I went to our now bi-weekly UWMBDA dance. I danced quite a bit, and I thankfully haven't had to add any more dances to the list of "Pregnant Lady Can't Do These Anymore". I really miss Viennese Waltz. Quickstep should probably be on there, but I am being stubborn about that one, its my favorite. Waltz and Rumba will most likely be the last to go. Chris and I did a lot of both last night. I love dancing rumba with Chris. Maybe its just memories, Rumba has been a very significant dance for us. We met during a rumba: it was our first BBDT class and I was having serious issues with my spot turns. Chris very patiently helped me through one for about fifteen minutes after class, until I had at least a slightly better idea of what the heck I was supposed to be doing. (I know, you're thinking: seriously, how hard is a spot turn? I'm the first to admit it, my Latin has some major issues.) We fell in love over a rumba: I will never forget our first performance together, or the song "Serve the Ego" as long as I live. There is also a certain look he gets when we dance rumba, that crooked smile, those beautiful blue eyes...

I think the first thing I fell in love with was his eyes. Chris has the most stunning blue eyes. There is a certain clarity to them. Every joy, love, pain or anger shows through those brilliant eyes. It's too much at times. But when we dance, and especially, for one reason or another, when we dance rumba, I stare up into those loving, lovely eyes and everything else fades away. Its just him and I, dancing.

I hope our son has his beautiful blue eyes.


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