All my news, at once!

Ok, so things have been really busy of late and I have a ton of news, which I am going to throw on here all at once.

1) Wedding Shower
On May 4th, Chris's mother, sister and aunts threw me a wedding shower. It was a pampered chef party and I was a bit dubious. I like to cook and I thought it was sweet that Chris's mom wanted to "welcome me into the family", but the thought of a shower evoked images of women going "eeeeeeeeeeee" every time a gift was opened. I've never been one for the uber-girly. Not to mention Chris caught the flu and couldn't come and I was left in a big legion hall with a bunch of people that I didn't really know! My family did show up, late as usual, which wasn't surprising considering the drive they had to take to get to to Blanchardville. Then I was stuck trying to introduce them to people who's name I didn't really know. ("Aunt Viki this of Chris's Aunts.) But I really did have a lot of fun. It was great fun decorating with Chris's mom and sister, the pampered chef lady made really good food, and Chris and I got tons of gifts (thank you so much to everyone by the way, I will have you all over and cook for you all!) I sat by Chris's Grandma Bea, who I just adore, and we talked and had lots of fun. The cake was also excellent, white chocolate on dark chocolate on chocolate mousse on chocolate fudge. Yummm! The only problem is Chris and I have no room for all our new stuff!!

2) The ultrasound
Today Chris and had our ultrasound at Meriter. We were both really excited, and justifiably so, it was awesome. First of all, we found out we are having a boy. ("I told you!" Chris's mom said laughingly when we called he after the appointment.) I definitely think he will be a dancer, he was moving around during the whole procedure, much to the chagrin of our ultrasound tech. He was a bit camera shy though, kept putting his hand in front of his face when we tried to take a picture of him. We did get some cool photos (which Chris will post shortly) and they even had the ability to take a 3-D photo of the baby. I think he looks like a teddy bear, so hence forth that will be my nickname for him. My little twelve ounce teddy bear.


Carla said...

Well now you need to name him Ted. ;-)

And CONGRATS!!! :-)

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