Favorite Baby Names

Here is our updated list of baby names (last updated: July 12). If you want to provide suggestions, leave a comment! We're using Behind the Name quite a bit, as it has some useful search methods, although not as much diversity in names; and Think Baby Names, which provides stats on how common names have been.

Names - meanings (notes)
* Favorites

  • Asah* - healer/physician
  • Names with "kai" sound:
    • Cai - no meaning (nickname for Caius or Caillou)
    • Caillou - pebble or stone, maybe bald head (nickname: Cai)
    • Caius - rejoice (nickname: Cai)
    • Kai - sea (Hawaiian)
    • Kaimana - power of the ocean (Hawaiian, nickname: Kai)
    • Malakai - my messenger or my angel (nickname: Kai)
  • Dorian* - from the sea (or Dorus, another name; or Doris, a city; variant of Doric)
  • Kalani - the heavens (Hawaiian)
  • Luca* - from Luke, meaning "from Lucania, Italy"
  • Lucian - from Lucius, meaning light (nickname: Luca)
  • Sabin* - variant of Sabina (fem.), meaning, Sabine, a group of people
We have a name list at Behind the Name.

  • Adria*
  • Ayanna*
  • Charity*
  • Daphne
  • Deanna*
  • Isabel
  • Nadia
  • Oliana
  • Olivia
  • Oriana
Note: When leaving names for suggestions, please do not include last names. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

I like Charity and Dorian the best. =D

Anonymous said...

Adria and Dorian <3

Chris said...

Please choose a boy name now! :)

Carla said...

Let's find a more normal baby boy name - no offense, but that boy is going to get beat up. I like Davin the best out of what you have.

Oh, and I've known people that thought it was a boy, and it turned out to be a girl - so keep girl names in mind ;-)

I've got some new Boy name suggestions - from baby name websites :-)


That's just some of the many I found.

Chris said...

I don't know, we got quite a clear shot of the baby's you-know-what!

Ms Future PharmD said...

I vote for Dorian. Keep in mind people will shriek this across the playground. Also, my future teacher spouse suggests things that are already established names. "Cute" variations are annoying to teachers. Also also, my cousin was "definitely" a boy, and she turned out not to be... oops!

Chris said...

I realized that it's probably not a good idea to have our last name on the blog, so I removed two comments. Here they are in edited form:

You Need to name the baby Adrian - your favorite girl name turned into a boys name :-) Adrian Theodore *****.

No... I still vote for Aiden. Aiden Theodore *****.

PLEASE give him a normal name... As his Auntie - I must insist!

I second the vote for Aiden Theodore *****.

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