Topic Series

I (Chris) will be writing in this journal about various topics. I started writing about common logical flaws in science in two previous entries (the correlation = causation fallacy), and I will continue that series with entries labeled "Science + Pseudoscience." I would like to expand that series to include my experience in educational research and other science topics.

Additionally, I am going to start writing about "frameworks." Frameworks, to me, are sets of ideas or theories for viewing the world or making changes in the world. Every so often I come up with an idea that I would like to write about in this series, and I have been jotting them down for a few years. At first, I was going to write an entirely different journal about it, but I concluded I didn't have enough content for a separate journal.

So, I will start writing about these series here in between entries about the wedding, the pregnancy, and our life in general. If you are not interested in reading about these series, feel free to skip them. I think I will preface the series with a particular title, like "Frameworks for..." At any rate, I would like to read your ideas about them too, so feel free to provide comments if you are interested.


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