Week Six: Mini Mommy Freak Out

I am now in week six of my pregnancy. This is according to the medical system's method of dating the pregnancy, which begins from the first day of my last period. This is called the Gestational Age. The fetal age is usually around two weeks less than the gestational age, so at this point the fetus is about four weeks old. At this point the fetus crown to rump length is 2-4mm, so still pretty tiny. However, for something so small it already has an umbilical cord, blood and a tiny little heartbeat! This is the week when the brain chambers form, as well as the heart chambers and eyes. It now has arm and leg buds and looks sort like this:

This is the beginning of what is called the embrionic period, which last until week 10. This is the period when the fetus is most sensitive to factors which may affect its development, and this is the period where most birth defects come from. This is freaking me out just a bit. Everything that goes in my mouth I just keep thinking, Is this good for the baby? Is this bad for the baby? Should I eat more of this? Should I eat less? And the vitamins, like anything, too little is bad but too much is bad too. Some resources say just a few vitamins (like folic acid) are enough, but the nurse I talked to said I should be taking a multivitamin so I'm wondering if I should take a multivitamin and my folic acid and calcium supplements but mom's going to bring me prenatal vitamins. Then they tell you that its ok to gain weight, but not too much cause then the baby is harder to deliver. And there are so many things to plan and questions and... ahhhh! Overwhelming! I'm so worried sometimes that something I do is going to hurt the baby, and I'd never forgive myself. Its all about moderation I guess. I just have to take things one day at a time, not get ahead of myself and keep saying, breath-stress is bad for the baby. That and pregnancy does not equal gorging oneself on chocolate chip cookies (damn!).

Other than that things are going ok. I think I have hit the morning sickness phase of my pregnancy, but I'm told that its relatively short (thank god). And I'm getting a bit pudgey around the midsection, but I can't tell if thats from the baby or overeating during the holidays.


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