Plans for the Future

Kyra and I decided to get married, and Kyra is pregnant! I'm getting pretty excited about our plans.

We're thinking about getting married at Olbrich Botanical Gardens. I'd like to get a tungsten carbide ring, maybe like this one or this one. Kyra likes this one, but she didn't seem very certain about it, so we're still looking. A black wedding ring set would be rather cool. I like to wear hematite rings, as I feel like the stone fits with my character. (Here's a bit of pseudoscience: hematite is thought to protect the wearer from negative energy. I feel that way, but there is no basis for it.)

Kyra found out today that she'll be going to Meriter Hospital for obstetric care. I put a link to it on the right column. She's having an appointment in a couple of weeks, and we'll be adding a calendar to the site for others to see when she'll be going for new appointments. I'll be adding a column on the right for boys and girls names, too! Feel free to send us suggestions!


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