Christmas 2016 and 2017

I hadn't posted any Christmas pics from 2016, so I figured I'd post both and compare! First, Christmas 2016:

Here's the family in front of the tree.

And we met Santa for the first time... It didn't go too well.

Sledding out front!

Making some bread dish.

Here we get to Christmas Eve, and Astrid got many baby dolls.

Opening some more presents.

And hanging a new ornament.

Looking at presents with Megan and Jeremy (first photo of him on the journal, I think!).

On Christmas Day, I had to hold Luca back, since he was so excited.

He got a bike. Santa must have had a hard time wrapping that one!

We went to Auntie Megan's for brunch.

And read a new book after food.

We visited the family in the Twin Cities, too. What a bunch of goons: Liliana, Luca, and Dalila.

And we tried to get a shot with Nana, but the kids were just too excited to sit still for a good one. Here's the best one, at any rate.

Now, on to 2017!

Grandma and Auntie Megan made cookies with the kids.

On Christmas Eve, of course we had a goose again, and for some reason it was hard to cut this year. It took all our "man" power.

Jeremy and Megan with their gifts from us.

Astrid got a microwave, which of course got Luca's attention.

On Christmas Day, we went to Megan's again, and Great Grandpa was there too!

Everyone on the couch after eating.

We had a very short visit to MN again, but Astrid got a fever and we had to leave early. Here's one with all the kids on the couch with Auntie Sabrina.

It was a bit of a tumultuous holiday season and year, so I'm glad it is concluded. I feel like we're just getting back to normal now.

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas. Stay warm!


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