Growing Up Fast in 2016, Part 2

Continuing on from the last post, here are some photos from May and June in 2016.

Growing up in Olbrich, with those beautiful white flowers in the trees.

with Luca and Mama.

Some good reading time with "Cuca"... with a classic Astrid "smile".

Dirt baby.

We were moving dirt, and just couldn't keep her out of it.

And here are Luca and Astrid taking care of the baby (doll).

A pic from Father-Daughter Day. We're in the back of the car, of all places. I think I was getting something, and she wanted to get in.

And another with Luca while at Nana's.

She's definitely getting taller, and her face is changing.

Stay tuned for one more set of photos!


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