We Haz Cat

A couple of months ago, we got a new cat.

We named her Renee.

Initially, we had some problems. She was having digestive problems, and we really didn't want to deal with another sick cat. But they went away once she got use to the new place. Additionally, I thought I had developed an allergy. I was sneezing and my eyes were red. That resolved, too, after we changed the litter and set up an air purifier.

Now, she's a part of the family. Astrid can't pronounce Renee, so she calls her Nee-Nee (nay-nay). Renee is a bit skittish, preferring to be around people who aren't overly excited. She flees whenever she feels the energy is too much. She's a big whiner when it comes to meal time. She's very snuggly, especially in the evening.

Welcome to the family!


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