2015 Missed Events, Post 2

I'm still catching up with 2015. Grandma Teresa and Auntie Megan came to visit for some grilled food, and we got a pic of them with the kids:

Mid year, Luca expressed a desire to learn how to knit. Kyra knows how to knit a little, but Nana is the skilled knitter in the family. She also has a bit of experience in teaching it, so she tried it out with Luca one weekend when she visited:

Luca hasn't kept up with it, but perhaps this is a good reminder for us to get him to do it again. He has a habit, in many things he learns, to try to jump ahead. (For example, he's trying multiplication when it hasn't been covered in school yet.) Perhaps he's trying to show how smart he is, but it sometimes results in worse performance in more basic skills. So with knitting, he tried a more advanced technique and started to goof it up. If we start again, he's got to practice the basics more.

Luca attended soccer camp this fall, along with many of the neighborhood kids. Here he is in his soccer gear. I think he's missing his elbow pads...

Soccer was a great activity for him. He really needs outdoor time all year round, and if he doesn't (like now that it's very cold), he goes a bit crazy inside. Soccer got me out of the house, too! (Since I work at home and we only have one car, I don't get out enough.) It was fun seeing a lot of the neighborhood come out for soccer; I met quite a few neighbors.

Our nieces came to visit just before Luca's birthday. They had a lot of fun with their new baby cousin. Here is Liliana with Astrid:

And here's Dalila with Kyra and Astrid, and their outfits just happen to match:

We don't get to see this kiddos often enough. I think the cousins could use more time to play with one another, and I miss seeing Liliana and Dalila. They're each so interesting in their own ways.

Next time I'll talk more about Luca's birthday party and some other fall events. For now, I'll leave you with Emo Baby:

Such Emo. (Don't worry, she just scratched herself.)


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