When we first started this journal, it was all about Kyra's pregnancy and our wedding. We wrote about what was going on during that stage of the pregnancy, our wedding, and posted heartbeat recordings from the doctor visits.

Only a few years later, we have a healthy, big school-age kid named Luca, a healthy marriage, and another child on the way. But for this pregnancy, we waited before we announced it. The first time, our journal was sort of a secret. We hadn't shared it with family yet, but we wanted to document what was going on. This time, it was kind of the other way around. Plenty of people knew before we posted it online.

This time, we wanted to make sure to get past a certain stage of the pregnancy before we announced it. We were trying for a baby, and had a few false positives. Even when Kyra was actually pregnant it didn't seem like it. We did so many tests! So we wanted to be certain the baby was going to make it.

A few days ago, we were a bit concerned. Kyra couldn't feel the baby kicking much, and she was told she should feel it every few hours, and quite a few times when she did. So the next day she got a test done, and to our relief, found that the baby was indeed healthy and very active.

Just like with Luca, we record the heartbeats from the ultrasound. Here are the first few recordings we made at various appointments. Yes, she's real! And there's only ONE!

Stay tuned for more!


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