Costa Rica: Final Days

On our last day in Arenal, we prepared to go home. Breakfast, packing, and then a short walk around the grounds once more. We saw a few more animals, including some monkeys. I took lots of pictures of the unusual flowers.

We had a to leave for the airport before lunch. We learned our lesson the first time and decided to have a light lunch before flying. That helped quite a bit. We also brought some mints to chew on to help with air-sickness. This time, I actually felt like taking more pictures on the flight.

The flight this time was a bit more challenging. We had to stop once in between, staying in the hot airplane while the next set of passengers boarded, and then taking off again. We did much better, but it wasn't perfect.

Once we arrived in San Jose, we went back to the first hotel, Grano de Oro. We had another fantastic meal that evening.

The next day, we went to the airport very early and flew home. It was a great trip, and a happy (although late) honeymoon!


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