Seeing Sue and Devil's Lake

A few weeks ago we decided to go to Chicago to visit the Field Museum.

We especially wanted to see Sue, the T-Rex.

This is Sue's actual head:

They couldn't mount her head on the model because it weighed too much.

We also saw the famous lionesses that killed several people:

Luca made quite the face, trying to imitate another large cat:

Back to dinosaurs, even though Luca is very big, he still would have been squished by whatever made this footprint:

And whatever had this for a bone:

It was a fun trip, although tiring and just a bit too long for Luca's attention span. We missed some exhibits, but we'll probably go back someday (once the road construction is done!!!).

Later, we took a trip to Devil's Lake.

Just "photoshop" Luca in that last one with me. I think he was being grumpy and didn't want another picture taken.

It was a perfect day for a hike!

Here's the full album with additional pictures from the Field Museum:

Chicago and Devil


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