A Soap by Any Other Name

Kyra and I have this strange superstition. We know it's silly, but we're still adhering to it: We purchased a certain scent of soap, and in the following days or week (I can't remember how long), we were called about a foster care placement for a child with the same name as the scent of soap.

The child has been with us for a few months now, and we still don't know how long they will be with us. So every time we're about to run out of the soap, we think to ourselves, "Maybe if we run out the soap, [the child] will leave...!" Then during Kyra's biweekly grocery shopping, she picks up more just in time to maintain our supply, and the child stays with us a little longer.

I wonder how this will play itself out. Will we run out of soap and then the child will leave? Or will the child leave or stay regardless of our soap supply? In terms used by MythBusters (which we've been watching a lot lately), will our personal myth be busted or confirmed?

Of course, this is all very silly, but it embodies our hopes for the child to stay with us, or at least to keep in touch. We'll have to wait to see.


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