Fall 2012 News

We've been pretty quiet lately, and for good reasons. We moved, had a house-warming party (thanks to everyone who attended!), and had Luca's 4th birthday party at an indoor miniature golf park. (Kyra had her 4th birthday at the same place!) We also attended two beautiful weddings (congrats to Matt and Sarah, and Brent and Dana!). Nana, Dalila, and Liliana also came to visit for a few days.

Additionally, Kyra and I are now card-carrying, state-licensed parents: we're foster parents. We opened our door to accept children (only 1 at a time) a few weeks ago, and we've had a number of calls. With each one, something worked out with the birth parents, extended birth family, or another foster home, and in the end, the results were better for the children in each case.

But last Thursday that changed: We accepted our first foster child into our home! I can't say much about the child online, so if you want to know more, feel free to call us. We'll find out Monday if she'll be staying with us going forward, and so far, it's been going very well. The child is very cute and very calm.

Just remember, friends and family, since we are not legal guardians or adoptive parents (yet), we can't post news about the child online or post pictures, including pictures on Facebook. So if you are at our house and take pictures, they MUST stay off the internet entirely (not even in password-protected sites or online photo printing services - they aren't secure enough). One day that may change, but for now, anything about the child must stay off of the internet. We appreciate everyone's support on this!

In other news, we're still settling in to our new home. We're getting used to yard work (Luca loves it!) and fixing all the little and big things around the house. We should have new gutters sometime soon, and I may have a project to enhance the air flow from the furnace. And there's all the preparation for winter.

Wish me luck!


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