Luca Saves the Day

On Sunday, Kyra and Luca were going to go shopping. Luca was playing outside while waiting for Kyra to get ready. I stepped outside to talk to Luca, and Kyra followed after, locking the door behind her without realizing it. Unfortunately, she didn't have any keys and neither did I. We locked ourselves out of our new house.

Fortunately, we left the windows open since it was a beautiful morning. I immediately realized what we had to do: I was going to pop out the screen and climb in through the window to reach the door and unlock it. On second thought, I proposed we send Luca in through the window since he was smaller.

Luca was a little scared of going in through the window by himself. I calmly told him that he needed to help us and go through the window to unlock the door. I told him that he would save the day. Once he was calm, I lifted him up, set him on the window sill, and helped him down inside.

Luca ran over to the door, struggled with the lock momentarily, and unlocked the door. We rushed over and gave him a big hug, telling him what a wonderful job he did saving the day!

Written, in part, by Luca (he typed his names).


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