A Day at the Farm

I had a week off in between jobs, so I decided to take Luca to my uncle Doug's farm for a day. Grandma joined us, and we started by having a snack with great-grandpa:

Then we found Doug and took a tour of the farm. Luca helped with some hay:

He actually got a sticker for helping with that chore. At one point, he nearly fell in that hay chute in the floor, but Doug stepped in the way just in time.

After that, we looked at some big farm equipment: tractors, trailers, and even a front-end loader.

Doug is a busy farmer, so we let him get back to work and headed down to the creek. On the way, Luca had to sit on a tree stump:

I think grandma said that was a very old tree, and it was there when she was a little girl. She also said there used to be a house around here.

We got down to the creek and threw some rocks in and listened to the animals. Then we decided it was time to get going and headed back to great grandpa's house, going through the woods:

Great grandpa convinced us to do one more thing: feed the cows.

We had seen these cows in the woods, probably trying to keep cool. It wasn't so hot that day as it is today (July 4th at 100 degrees Fahrenheit), but it was still quite warm.

About then we said goodbye to our family and the farm and headed home for lunch and a nap. It was a good day at the farm!


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