Keeping Your Love

For Valentines Day, Chris got Luca a book called "No Matter What". It is about two foxes, Big and Small. Big explains to small that no matter how naughty he is, whether Big is far away, or Small turns into a crocodile, they will love each other no matter what.

On Thursday, I had a late meeting, and got home just after Chris had finished reading this book to Luca and put him to bed. I went in to kiss him good night.  He sat up in bed, gave me a hug and said, "Mama, when you go to a meeting, does your love go with you?" I smiled and replied, "No honey, it stays right here with you." Then he said something that would melt any mother's heart: "Ok Mama, I will keep your love... in my heart."

I have the adorablest little boy. 


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