Summer 2011

We had quite a summer!

Back in May, we walked for Cystic Fibrosis and threw a cook-out party afterward. Luca got to ride Grandpa Bill's motorcycle.

Then we went to a birthday party for Kyra's former coworker's son, who turned 1. We also went on a strawberry pick at the farm where we get our summer vegetables. Of course, swimming lessons were also going on this whole time, and we went to the zoo occasionally.

Luca saw his first fireworks, with my aunt and uncle's family, Auntie Megan, Grandma Teresa, and Auntie Joana (welcome home!!). Here we are on the bridge waiting for the fireworks.

Then, I started a new job in July. We had Auntie Sabrina and her family down for Liliana's birthday, which we spent at the splash pad. We had cake and lots of yummy food that Kyra made. Here's the cake, with a photo of Liliana.

At the end of the month, we went to visit Grandpa Bruce, Alice, and Auntie Carla for her birthday and the EAA AirVenture air show. Nick and Elspeth also joined us, along with Carla's new boyfriend, Dan.

Here are the boys playing trucks.

That firetruck is Grandpa Bruce's from when he was a little boy. He re-painted it and labeled it GB (Grandpa Bruce) Fire Department.

And Grandpa Bruce has quite an train set! I don't think we got any pictures though - maybe next time. Luca certainly had fun watching them zoom around.

Here we are at the air show, in front of one of the largest planes there:

We had a lot of fun. Luca got to sit in a helicopter, in back and front:

The museum was interesting too. At least there were buttons Luca could push without causing problems...

The smallest air plane with the biggest kid...

Whew! What a summer! It seems like every weekend has been packed with something. Maybe it will calm down?

Oh wait, we went to a "corn boil" potluck dinner at the farm yesterday, and then today we're going out with Megan and friends to see a movie. It's not over yet!

And Happy Birthday Megan!!


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