News Email

Here is a recent email I sent to friends, family, and professional contacts:

Hello everyone!

This year has been a busy one already! Kyra continues to work at the same childcare center, where Luca attends school. She is also taking several courses throughout the year to advance her childcare certification. Luca is 2-1/2, he continues to swim, and he likes to ride canoes. He also attended his first political event at the capitol in downtown Madison last winter. Chris has been working on a recipe and meal planning database for Kyra, dubbed "Kyra's Kitchen", with the possibility of developing a web application. Chris is currently working as a Clinical Data Analyst at a local physician practice organization.

In July, Chris will be starting a new position within the university system as a Programmer Analyst. The program supplies physicians with data from hospital and physician claims for research purposes. Chris will be working closely with physicians to identify the necessary data for their research.

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us this year, especially our close friends and family, and Chris's references!

– Chris, Kyra, and Luca

I'm excited about the new position since I miss being involved with research. I start the new position in a few weeks!


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