New Videos: Luca and Easton, Easter, Wedding Videos Updated

Last week, Kyra's boss was in a dilemma: she had a required, all-staff meeting after work and her husband had a last-minute meeting after work and could not pick up their son. My wife volunteered me to pick up her son and watch him until the meeting was over. So I picked up her son, Easton, and took him home with Luca.

The evening went very well. The two boys played very well with each other, and Luca was excited to have someone over to visit. They played with trucks, instruments, blocks, and rode around on the toy horse and giraffe. Other than goofing up the dinner selection because of Easton's allergies, it went very well.

While making dinner, I shot some video of the two boys playing with the instruments:

After dinner, we took a bath. It was not very eventful, with both boys playing with the floating roads and trucks. Then we got ready for bed, but we had to wait for Kyra and Easton's mom, Chris, to come home and pick up Easton. In the meantime, the boys rode around on the horse and giraffe:

It was fun having Easton over, so hopefully he can visit again sometime!

Easter was last weekend, and of course we hid Easter eggs around the house. I shot some video of Luca looking for the eggs. I admit it's a bit boring and the video is a bit shaky. I was barely awake, so give me a break. I was also trying to remember where all the eggs were so we wouldn't forget them.

We also went to my mom's side for Easter dinner. They hid eggs out in the yard:

A while ago, Google Video shut down the ability to upload videos, and now they are purging all of the hosted videos. I re-uploaded our videos to YouTube, including our wedding videos. As a result, the quality is much better. Here is our wedding ceremony:

For the other videos of our wedding, see the page for additional wedding videos and the page for reception videos.


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