A Touching Story

Late one night after watching PBS (probably the Sherlock Holmes or Poirot series), I saw a touching animated sound clip from the Story Corps project about a couple who shared an incredible love. The story made me weep.

The other night, Kyra and I saw another short story after watching Sherlock Holmes about a little boy with autism and his mother, in which the little boy asked his mother a series of questions. My memory sparked by this clip, I wanted to show Kyra the first story I saw. I found the Story Corps website, and we watched the clip. I had not realized, however, that there was more to the story.

The second half of the story was even more touching, and quite sad. I won't even attempt to explain the story. It was so touching to both Kyra and I that we openly wept during and after watching. Please, please visit the Story Corps website and watch these stories. They are simple amazing:

Q and A | StoryCorps

Danny and Annie | StoryCorps

(I cannot help but wonder at the brilliant people who started and continue this project. It is an incredibly worthy concept - to record gems of stories such as these and share them with the world.)

My favorite lines from the recording:

Annie: If I don't have a note on the kitchen table, I think there's something wrong. You write a love letter to me every day.

Danny: Well the only thing that could possibly be wrong is that I couldn't find the silly pen!

The story about Danny and Annie is so profound and inspirational; I can only hope after many years of marriage that Kyra and I have such a relationship.


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