Thanksgiving from Carla

On Thanksgiving, Carla wrote an entry that I want to remember, so I'm re-posting it here:
Today is Thanksgiving. Usually I love to post all the things I am thankful for and talk about them, but this year I'm not feeling completely thankful. I'm struggling with depression, which I hope is just situational because of the trouble with my mom and my friend.

But I am thankful. I have some of the most amazing people in the world supporting me through all this. I have a wonderful job (that I need to blog about), and I have my miraculous health. I'm not completely healthy, but I'm much better than I was, and that is wonderful.

I have a nephew who fills my heart with joy no matter how sad I am. I have my bonus siblings - Chris, Kyra, Sarah, and Chase, and I have my unwavering rocks, my brother, Darin, and my dad.

I can't express how thankful I am for these people. They give me faith in the world and faith in myself. And maybe that's what I'm most thankful for - my ability to have faith in myself even when I'm being attacked. My faith in myself definitely wavers, and I'm so thankful to have wonderful friends, family and a great therapist who build me back up when I fall over.

And I'm sort of tipped over today, but I have people who love me surrounding me and reminding me why I love myself.

And I have Luca-Bug. Who wouldn't be thankful for this?

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you are all as lucky as I am. I hope you are in good health and surrounded by people who love you for you.
We are very thankful for you, too, Carla, and all our close family and friends. We are especially thankful for people who help us raise Luca: Carla, Grandma Teresa, Nana, his teachers Jill and Natalie, Grandpa Bill and Ibu, Emily, and Iryna. Thank you so much!


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