Reflections on a Long Week

What a week!

Last weekend, we heard some terrible news about my family, which I can't really discuss here. Let's just say it's probably one of the worst things to happen to my family. On top of that, Luca was sick with a fever. He was miserable all weekend, and didn't want to do much of anything. I think it was the first time I saw him sick and lacking motivation to do anything. Usually he's barely inhibited by illness - playing, eating, and having way too much energy - but not this time. He was really sick.

Then my birthday was Monday, and during the day, I received many positive birthday wishes, including two very touching notes from Marquis and Carla. For my memory, I will quote them here. First, Marquis wrote:
"Hi Chris! You have good cause for gladness and celebration today.

"As do I! Of all the things I've wanted for my daughter Kyra to have in this life... for her health, well-being and happiness... finding and having... a good husband has to be right at the top of the list. It's not often someone like you comes along... someone kind and loving, devoted and capable, intelligent and personable. She found exactly that in you Chris, and more... I could want for no better husband for Kyra, or better father for Luca, nor better son-in-law than you. You make a huge difference in a lot of lives. Thanks for being my son-in-law.

"Happy birthday Chris! Have a good one!"
Carla wrote:
"Happy Birthday, Chris :-) I hope you have a good day - as good as possible despite circumstances. Just remember that you are amazing. Everything I said on the phone is true - you're a terrific father, husband, and friend. I can't imagine my life without you. All my love, Carla ♥"
Thank you both for such kind words. And thank you to everyone else who wished me a good day - I appreciate the kind thoughts.

That night, however, I started to get sick, too. Tuesday and Wednesday I attended training for work, so I was quite miserable and quite bored. In the latter regard, I was fortunate that Kyra gave me a Kindle (an e-book reader, for those of  you who have never heard of it) for my birthday, so I was entertained (as much as I could during training) with the new device. (I was especially interested in its capabilities, including browsing the internet and reading multiple file formats.) Friday, Kyra had to leave work early with the "stomach flu" that's been going around at school, and she was miserable all day.

By Saturday, Kyra was much better, but I was worn out from the long week. I woke up with Luca, but she got up soon after and took over. I curled up on the couch, and she made me go to bed. After an afternoon nap, I was feeling decent enough to spend some time with friends - but not for long.

Now we're all starting to recover our health. We finally got our Christmas tree up and decorated, so it's starting to look like the holidays here (not to mention the blizzard we had), if not exactly feel like the holidays. But with the dark gloom of the unmentionable event and a glum attitude from being ill, it's hard to see through to the light of sharing with family and friends. I can only hope the next few weeks will be calm, without event.


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