A Lonely Day

Today is a gloomy day. I'm sitting here, alone, in this all-too quiet room.

It all started Tuesday. Kyra called and said Luca had pink eye, and she was going to take him to urgent care. The doc prescribed eye drops, but he had to stay home for a day. Since there was no one to fill in for Kyra this week, I had to stay home, which was just as well since my throat had started to hurt the day before and was now in full I-hate-you swing. Then Wednesday night, Luca started a fever, and I was miserable with a sinus infection.

Hello at-least-biannual sinus infection! You're a spiteful demon!

Not surprisingly, Luca's eyes cleared up rather quickly. We didn't think he had the bacterial pink eye, just a virus, which perhaps was just the sinus infection. He had a cough and lots of phlegm, which I too developed. Thursday was miserable. I think I had a mild fever, with aches and pains all over.

Luca was really fine through most of it. It was hard to keep up with him. Wednesday we went outside, twice, to Kyra's chagrin, and he was quite energetic. Thursday I didn't have the energy. In fact, I tried to convince Luca to go back to sleep in the morning. Yeah right. Nonetheless, we did have a good time watching Ponyo and Totoro and playing with blocks and reading.

Friday, Kyra managed to get off from work so I could fulfill my employment duty for one last day for the week. We had planned to go to the Twin Cities, but with my status and the fact that our family "up nort' 'der'" just recovered from something miserable last weekend, I decided to stay at least one night to recover. Kyra and Luca left Friday shortly after lunch.

I came home and ate the wonderful falafels Kyra made (she left a huge mound of them on the kitchen counter for me, along with ginger tea bags, Cream of Wheat, the book A Wizard of Earthsea, and a love note), and watched, of all things, Perfect Blue, which has been sitting on my hard drive taking up enormous amounts of space for some time. Weird movie. Still digesting it.

This morning I called Kyra and as it turns out, not only does biology hate us, meteorology hates us too (yes, the study of something CAN hate you - don't argue with a sick man!): it's snowing buckets in Minnesota and raining ice-snow in Wisconsin. Lovely. I AIN'T DRIVIN' INIT! Especially when I'm this cranky. 8-[

So I'm pretty much stuck here all weekend. Which might sound nice and all, but a) I feel quite out-of-it still and 2) I miss my family. Oh and it's difficult to sleep with no one here. There's no one to listen for (except the elephant-people neighbors) and there's no one to snuggle with or talk with or anything really. Who would wake me up by jumping on me and saying, "IT'S NOT A CHOICE!" or "Blanky please!"?

Kyra and Luca should be back on Monday, after a nice, warm Thanksgiving-type meal with family on Sunday.

: (

She said she'd bring leftovers.

In the meantime, the most beneficial thing I can think of to do in this state with no one here is: ... PAPERWORK! ... BORING! I would say, "I can't wait for Monday," but I have to go to work! Well, at least I can say I'm looking forward to Monday evening. In the meantime, I have a new book and some chores...


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