A Day at the Park and Some Birthday Presents

A while ago, I took some pictures while Luca and I were playing at the park:

That was a nice warm day. I can't remember what we were doing that day... It's quite apparent in these photos that he's no longer a little baby. He's moving around A TON. Climbing, jumping, dancing, running, screaming, yelling, singing, laughing.

We had a birthday party for him a few weeks ago. It was so busy, we didn't get a chance to take many pictures. We did have time to go on a carousel ride. Luca was terrified.

Grandpa Bill and Ibu (Grandpa Bill's fiancé, Steph) gave Luca a tool bench for his birthday. He loves it, and it's quite a visual and tactile treat:

I made him a Luca "train", as Luca called it.

Grandpa Bruce (Carla's dad) gave him three vehicles that were his toys growing up. He repainted them:

We keep those in a special place when they're not in use: Just above Luca's chair at the dining room table.

With all the new stuff, and the fact that our little boy is a big boy, we moved some furniture around. Most of Luca's toys, aside from the tool bench, are in his bedroom now.

I thought we would catch him playing with them in the middle of the night, but that hasn't happened so far. He usually wakes up and goes right to the door and whines until we come in.

The big clock was from Grandma Bea for his first birthday, I think. Of course, the silhouette was from me to Kyra on Mother's Day. Wait, did I not post that on the site? I don't think I did! Well, here it is for you to see now...!

The silhouette was difficult to obtain. I had to get a side photo of Luca (hard to do when he's squirming) and then I had to find someone I could trust to make it (hard to do when NO ONE does it anymore!) using the internet (hard to trust!) and then I had to wait and hope it would arrive on time for Mother's Day. (The artist is Karl Johnson of Cut Arts.)

Thank you to everyone who attended Luca' birthday and gave him gifts! He is enjoying all of them!


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