Weekend with Grammy and Nana

This weekend Kyra's mom ("Nana") and her grandma ("Grammy") visited. On Friday, we went to a restaurant to celebrate my brother's wedding. The next morning we all went to watch Luca at his swimming lesson. He's been learning to take turns with his classmates without momma or baba, and aside from some frustration and boredom, he's been doing very well. He has a tendency to jump in unexpectedly, but his teacher has been doing very well keeping an eye on him.

On Sunday, we went to visit Olbrich. With Grammy, we thought it would go better if we tried the trolley. It seems like every time I go to Olbrich, I see something different, or from a different view. Today that was certainly true. We have a particular path we usually travel along, going to the event garden where we got married, then to the rose garden, then meander back to the Thai pavilion one way or another.

On the trolley, we saw a number of things we never walked by before, and views we hadn't seen before either. For example, we saw the reflection of the Thai pavilion in the creek nearby. We also saw some flowers we hadn't seen before, as well as a bat nest.

Here are some photos of our visit:

Luca, Nana, and the Bears

Kyra, Nana, Luca, and Grammy

Luca is thoughtful


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