Recent Conversations

Luca has been managing some full sentences on occasion. One morning, Kyra accidentally dumped flour all over the kitchen floor while getting cereal out of the cupboard. Luca looked at her and said, "Mama mess?" and Kyra replied, "Yep, mama made a big mess." He pointed his finger at her and shouted, "No more mess mama!"

Luca also has a fondness for certain people. He's always asking for Grandpa, and he often "calls" him on his play phone.

A week or two ago, we went to a "splash pad" (basically a water play area with all sorts of fountains) with our friends Amelia, Michael, and their son Alexander (Xander for short). Afterwards, Luca kept asking for Xander on the way home and after his bath. "Xander, Xander, Xander!" I had to tell him, "Xander went home." He replied, somewhat disappointedly "Oh."

We had a party one night with some of Kyra's former co-workers: Elspeth, her fiance Nick, and Chanel. The next morning, Luca sat down at breakfast and said, "Eh-beth? Eh-beth?". Kyra replied, "No, Miss Elspeth went home." He tried again: "Chanel? Chanel?" Kyra: "Miss Chanel went home too." Luca: "Oh. Nick? Nick?"


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