Hoffa Gud Tay Askool

In the morning when Kyra and Luca head out for school I often say, "Heeryor lunboks. Hoffa gud tay!", which is a line from the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes:

In this strip, Calvin encounters an alien on his way to the school bus. He greets the alien, but does not understand it. The alien transforms its body to look like Calvin, and Calvin hands the alien his lunchbox, saying, "Well Calvin, here's your lunchbox. Have a good day at school." The alien repeats to Susie, the neighbor girl, "Heeryor lunboks. Hoffa gud tay askool."

For whatever reason, when I say that to Kyra and Luca, it seems to have more meaning than the translation alone. Perhaps it's a bit of nostalgia thrown in with wishing my family a good day, even if they don't have a lunchbox.

Note: The comic above is copyright Bill Watterson 1996. It can be found on p. 15 of the Calvin and Hobbes collection, "It's A Magical World" (on Amazon). Reference: Calvin and Hobbes Strip Search.


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