Easter and Mother’s Day Weekend

It's been a while since we've posted photos, so here's a review of the last few months:

We visited my parents for Easter, and they hid eggs around their house. We also went to Kyra's family's Easter party, and they hid eggs around the house too. I think Luca was getting tired, though, so he didn't find many there. Here are some photos at my parents:

At one point, Luca was running along and dumped all of the eggs out. He would say, "Uh oh" over and over, then pick the eggs up and dump them out all over again. It was very amusing.

On the weekend of Mother's Day, Kyra took Luca to his swimming lesson instead of me. We also went to Olbrich Botanical Gardens. As Kyra said, "Everybody and their mother will be there." Well, it wasn't that crowded. We had a snack at a local cafe afterward.

Next up, we'll talk about our first camping trip as a family!


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