Two Lessons

We've learned two lessons this holiday season:

First, we learned that the kid doesn't listen to us very well.

A picture of a baby who is about to pull a cat's tail. Another cat says, 'Kid, I wouldn't - nah, let him learn the hard way.'

Luca grabs the cat, pulls his tail, and tries to sit on him. We've decided to keep the cat in another room when Luca is around. Mars has been having skin problems, and Luca isn't really helping. Unfortunately, Mars doesn't fight back much, and when he does, it doesn't seem to hurt Luca enough to deter him from doing it again. So we'll just keep them separated until Luca learns to listen...

Second, we learned that the cat doesn't listen to us very well.

How cats react to new toys: Whatever. How cats react to the Christmas tree: MY NEW FAVORITE TOY!

Both Luca and Mars the cat have been incessantly playing with the ornaments on the Christmas tree. We started moving the ornaments up as they fell off, and eventually our tree looked rather strange with no ornaments on the bottom half. I was surprised when Kyra suggested we take the tree down, only a couple of days after Christmas, since I thought she would enjoy having it up for a bit longer. She was just way too frustrated keeping Luca away from it.

Oh well. Maybe they will listen better next year?


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