Happy 11 Months from Carla

Carla wrote a note to Luca on her blog, wishing him a happy 11 months.
I love you even when you are covered in blueberries!!!

Mr. Big turns 11 months old today!!!

I can't believe how big you are! I love watching your personality develop. Your parents are going to have a little trickster on their hands - but I love it. I love when you do something you think is funny. I love when you make you laugh. I love when we make you laugh.

I love watching you learn to walk - but honestly, it's okay with me that you prefer to crawl for now. That means you're still little a little while longer. I love hearing stories about you from daycare! You're in the toddler room now, and you're the biggest kid there! That's why you're my Mr. Big!

Recently, you tore up napkins underneath the table in your parents house - and I thought it was HILARIOUS. I find you hilarious. You're amazing - and every chance I get I tell someone about you. The things you are doing now, the things you like to eat (which is everything), the things you like to do best, and the ways you drive your parents nuts (like banging your head against stuff. Keep that one up kiddo, haha, and you're not gonna get into Princeton like we talked about).

I love you so much! Happy 11 Months!!!
Thank you Carla! Luca loves you too!


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