Missing My Boy

Today I am working at my preschool's east side location. Usually I take Luca with me to work, but of late I feel it has been kind of hard for him to adjust to two locations. So today I had Chris take him to the west side location, rather than go with me. I think it's better for him really: he only has to get used to one teacher, one room, and I won't cause any major meltdowns by walking past his door. But I have to admit, sappy as it is, I miss him. I'm spoiled I guess. On my breaks I just walk on down to his room, plop down in the rocking chair to nurse him, and play with him. It's way better that monkeying around with the stupid breast pump. Now what am I supposed to do on my breaks? I even forgot the breast pump today (duh!).

As I walked past the infant room, I peeked in out of habit. I got a little catch in my throat as I realized he wasn't there.

I am a lucky mommy to get to work in the same place as my son. And a little spoiled. But I miss him all the same.


Natalie said...

"I got a little catch in my throat" as I was reading your posting. I know what you mean by missing 'my boy.' I miss V so much when I am away from her. I gave up on the breast pump stuff soon after I returned to work. It was pain in the rear. I hope that you don't have to go to the east side location too often. Yes, it is very lucky for Luca that mommy can nurse him during her break :) I am sure he is really happy about it, too. Hugs to both of you.

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