Fine in Nine

Luca and I just got back from his nine month checkup. We're both pretty happy considering he didn't have to have any shots this time. This means no cranky baby and no fever. Vital stats are as follows:

Weight: 25lbs

Length: 30"

Head Size: 41cm

Luca is now fully mobile. He crawls with great speed and crawls up on everything he can get his little fingers around (and some things he can't). Daily Chris and I have to put things up higher, back farther, or away completely as his range extends. He also has taken some tentative steps along the furniture and from one piece to another. His two front top teeth are coming in slowly but surely. He can now eat most soft table foods, and loves feeding himself. This may be significantly messier, but I appreciate having both hands to eat with again!

As Chris mentioned, sleeping has been a bit rough of late. Honestly I think it's a phase. The positive is he is no longer nursing at night, which I am ecstatic about. Now instead of having to get up at night I can send Chris to take care of him. Te he he.

This week I started at a new job. I am working at a brand new preschool on the west side. And I mean BRAND NEW, we have no kids yet and are still setting up furniture. The bonus is I get to take Luca with me to work. At the moment I have been looking after him myself, but once we get kids he will be in the infant room with the other babies, and I'll be teaching the older preschoolers. He loves the new variety of toys, most of which play some type of annoying music, but napping has been a challenge. Luca is anti-napping-in-anywhere-that's-not-my-crib. And I don't think it will get any better when it is someone else trying to put him to sleep. I'm sure he'll adjust though. Eventually.

I can already tell Luca's more tired during the day, due to the lack of naps. Today I came home (I worked a half day today) and he slept for two hours SOLID, on his own, in his crib. This hardly ever happens. And yesterday he fell asleep while I was feeding him lunch. It was so funny to see his head nodding and his eyes drooping while he was chewing that I kept laughing and waking him up. Here is a picture I managed to snap when I finally stopped laughing:

And here is a lovely example of Luca's (non-existent) table manners:

And here is where we stuck an banana sticker to his forehead. He is not amused:

Then he read the sticker ("Place sticker on forehead. Smile.") and got the joke:

Happy Days!


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