They Come in Threes

They say things come in threes. I think the origin of that saying was the observation that buses in the UK would never show up, and then all of a sudden there were three. Whatever the origin, we have three things:
  • Today I won an employee recognition award! It consists of $25 shopping card and lunch with the head of our division. I was nominated once or twice before, and I was finally selected at random.
  • We put an offer on a condo, and when I came home from work, we found out our offer was accepted! We'll be moving in August to a place of our own!
  • Kyra had a job interview on Wednesday, and she received an email this evening extending an offer. She'll be starting on July 13th at a pre-school!
What a day! And all of this before bedtime! How are we supposed to sleep!

Here are some photos of the condo:

Condo Photos

Arial view courtesy Bing Maps
And now the cutest baby niece ever:

She's so tiny! Get big and strong little one!


Megan said...

Woot! I'm glad things are working out! :-)

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