My mother calls my sister and me "her day and night children." From our appearances to our personalities to our interests, my sister and I have always been diametric opposites. Sabrina has never shown an interest in politics, while I enjoyed it so much I got a degree in it. However, there are moments when the genetic link, strange as it may seem, does show itself. Take the following text message conversation we had this afternoon:

Sabrina: Did you hear about the new Lebanese president? When asked by a CNN reporter what his plans for the presidency were, he replied "That's for me to know and you to find out."

Kyra: He must have read "Governing for Fifth Graders."

Sabrina: What's his response to the UN going to be? "I know you are but what am I"?

My sister, the stand up comedian.


Anonymous said...

Sisters will be sisters. Don't try to figure them out. Just love them. Lilianna looks so fabulous! I just want to see her in person. And so do you Sabrina. Nana looks a little tired. Too many grandkids at once? But Great Nana looks wonderful. What can I say about IKEA...John we need your trailer!

Katherine said...

Totally hilarious!!! I also still laughing over the June 2 pic of Luca poor guy. You’re so mean to him. Picture evidence too. 22222222222222222 funny.

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