The Great Explosion

Yesterday, Kyra was making dinner and I was preparing Luca's meal of cereal with apple juice. While Kyra was going back and forth in the kitchen cooking, I was pouring the cereal. I mixed in the apple juice and realized I had poured too much juice, so the cereal was soupy. I went to get the cereal out again, and the bag around the cereal box caught on to a bottle of sauce, which toppled out of the cabinet, hitting the bowl of soupy cereal, which flipped up like a catapult and splattered the cereal all over the countertops, refrigerator, stove, wall, floor, and even hanging utensils. Fortunately none of it ended up in our dinner. However, it was one heck of a mess. Kyra and I were both so startled because it was rather loud and happened so quickly, we weren't sure what had happened much less what to do. Fortunately, I was heating up some tater-tots in the microwave for Luca, so we gave him those to eat. Then I went to work cleaning the disastrous mess, which occurred only a few days after Kyra had cleaned the entire kitchen... This event has now been dubbed, "The Great Explosion." I wish I had taken a picture...


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