Dirty Little Problem

So with all the experimentation with solid food, and with the stress of mommy being in the hospital, Luca has been, to put it politely, less than regular for nearly a week now. He didn't seem terribly distressed about the situation until last night. Today I pumped him full of prune juice, but still nothing. Finally, on the advice of the Dean nurse hot line we tried a *ahem* suppository. Yeah. He was about as happy to receive it as we were to give it to him. Afterwords I nursed him to calm him down. Big mistake. I will simply sum up the situation with the phrase BIGGEST DIAPER BLOWOUT EVER. All over his diaper, all over him, all over my lap!!!!! Ah, the joys of parenting. I think this company should change their slogan to "Pedia-Lax, works so well you wish it hadn't!" By the way, take a gander at their mascot. First, why a penguin? Second, did they have to make him look like he was in the middle of receiving a suppository?


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