Rolling (sort of) Towards Six Months

Luca is six months today. Current milestones are as follows:

Food: Luca is definitely digging the solid food. Our most recent food experiment was mango, which he loved. He has decided, however, that rice cereal is far too bland and I now have to mix it with apple juice or mashed up bananas to get him to take it. Sweet tooth already, I guess.

Movement: Luca has recently discovered how to bounce in his Jumperoo. He thinks it's about the best thing in the world. We are still working on rolling over, which Luca appears completely disinterested in ("Me? Roll over? But I'm happy on my back!"), and getting him up on hands and knees in preparation to crawl. Standing with help, and shoes, is also a new fun activity.

Sleep: Luca has now slept for four consecutive nights unswaddled. He screamed for about an hour the first couple nights, but now he just whines a bit and then seems to accept the situation. This is wonderful because I was starting to think he would have to be swaddled until he was thirty.

Growth: Luca is rapidly growing out of his 12 month clothes and now fits comfortably in 18 months. They say breast fed babies are supposed to slow down at around six months, which would be good because then I can keep him in clothes for more than two days.

Other: We have started signing with Luca, with the help of a Baby Einstein DVD Auntie Carla brought him from California and a video series from Nana. We've started with simple signs like Mommy, Daddy, Eat, More, and Kiss.

bbbbbbb tvyjjm (Luca says bye)


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