Baby Tetris

What is Baby Tetris?

Baby Tetris occurs when a baby needs to be rotated into position for breastfeeding. Typically it is done by a mother's significant other, family member, or friend. Baby Tetris has a limited selection of shapes, based on the baby.

The basic shapes include the long shape, with the baby's arms and legs straight, or the L-shape, with the baby's arms or legs bent from the shoulder or hip. Once the shape is selected by the baby holder or determined by the baby, the baby is slowly placed in the mother's lap.

The holder obtains points by placing the baby in the correct position for the mother to breastfeed, based on which breast should be selected first for the feeding. Mother's can play this game solo; however, it is a bit more difficult to lower the baby into their own lap and they do not receive points because they know the correct position in advance.

A time limit is set in place by the fussy or screaming baby. More points are awarded for calmer babies who are still hungry enough to eat. No points are awarded for babies who just want to suck on something or who are not at all hungry.

More details along with photos and/or video coming soon!


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