Luca’s Nicknames

Here is a list of Luca's nicknames:
  • Bean - Luca looked like a bean when swaddled. See Lucabin.
  • Bombardon - We used this nickname when he was younger, but not much any more. It's a tuba-like instrument. Given his size and loudness, it seemed to fit, and it sounds cute. (By the way, it's a French word, so you drop the final "n" when pronouncing it.)
  • Lucabin or Lucabean - A combination of our other name choice, Sabin, and Luca. The "bin" part eventually degraded to "bean" when we wrapped him in a swaddle and he looked like a bean.
  • Mister - I don't know why, but I call him that. Sometimes I combine it with Luca or T. (for Theodore). Occasionally I call him "Monsieur," which of course is Mister in French, and its usage is influenced by watching the Poirot series on PBS. I also call him "Little Man," which is rather similar.
  • Tweeter or Tweeterby - Kyra calls him this. I think her mother called Kyra and her sister Sabrina this name.
  • Ooca Booca - A diminutive of Luca with iterative rhyming. Wait--what??... It's just a silly name.
I may have forgotten some and we'll probably develop more, so we'll add more to this list.


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