Dancing with a Baby

Kyra and I took Luca to a UWMBDA ballroom dance a few weeks ago. We put Luca in a carrier and danced a couple of dances with him. Here are some photos from the dance from our friend Carla.

That night we dance a waltz and a west-coast swing with Luca. We wouldn't dance certain dances with him, like swing/jive, quickstep, hustle, or other fast or "jumpy" dances. Those dances are too fast or have too much vertical movement to be safe for him or his brain. At any rate, it is possible to dance with a baby, so long as the dance is slow and the baby can hold his head up.

I also added some more photos to our Christmas Album.

These photos are from Carla's place. We went there just before Christmas to share presents and spend some time together. Her Christmas tree was very pretty, and Luca like to look at all the lights. He was a cute little present under the tree!


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