My Jeans (and not the DNA type)

I do not fit into a single pair of my pre-pregnancy pants. Not one. Ok, well technically I can squeeze into two pairs, and one of those I can get buttoned, but I'm afraid to leave them on for more than a minute or the seams might burst. Seriously.

It's not that I'm that big really, it's just that my jeans are that small. I found a size two among my old pants. I think one of my thighs is currently a size two. Bear in mind though that I bought these pants at a time when my jerk of an ex told me, at 120lbs, that I was "a bit chubby" and needed to lose some weight. (Note to all you women: If a guy EVER tells you, point blank, you need to lose some weight, punch him. Then dump him. Women have enough body issues without their significant others butting in.)

However, no matter how small my jeans are, or how many times Chris tells me there is such a concept as buying new pants, I want back into my old ones. Ok, maybe not the size twos, but those are dress pants and don't count. The thing is I worked and shopped long and hard to accumulate my current collection of jeans. It's not large, but they all fit me perfectly and are super comfortable. These are the pants I lived in. That's the only reason I kept them. And when they fit I keep my jeans FOREVER (sophomore year of high school anyone?). And I refuse to go through all that trouble again.

The problem is losing weight during the holidays with a newborn is like... well... losing weight during the holidays with a newborn. Oh well, there's always those new year's resolutions.


Ms Future PharmD said...

I have determined that while it's sweet that I'm at my pre-pregnancy weight, the weight is not in its pre-pregnancy location(s) and so it may be a bit before all my old jeans fit again. I also decided that my body is so busy with feeding the munchkin that I ought not to overwhelm it by adding in exercise (and therefore cutting out sleep). It's my goal to get into shape by the time the kid is 2. Patience. All things in their proper time:)

Kyra S. said...

A quote from an email my Aunt Katherine sent me:
"Excuse me even if your leg is a size two and you can barely fit into to your old jeans right after having a baby I just have to say OH PLEEEEEZZZZ give me a break. Very funny!!! I know my size has no excuse for my thoughts and yes I am still laughing about your post baby fat issues but listen up you have to get on the wagon and cut yourself some slack. You’re beautiful and skinny! So even though I know you have a right to complain and I do sympathize, a little, I don’t think you need to be worried about your butt in your jeans and would never have to ask your hubby does my butt look to big in these jeans? Of course I know Chris would never have a cause to say well ya know honey…..if he did have any negative comments, thoughts or looks yes you can smack him! Thanks for the many laughs."

Amelia said...

I was reading an article that one of the Victoria's Secret models had a baby three months ago. Know how she got in shape for the runway show? She worked out three hours a day! (And probably had a really strict diet) But her body is her livelihood so I think normal people deserve a break. It took you 9 months to gain the weight, you should get 9 months to lose it.

Chris said...

Just so everyone knows, I think Kyra looks great! She doesn't believe me though. (I'm not sure she believed me before the pregnancy, either!)

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