Sick, Sick, Sick

Yesterday I had a fever of 101.2. Turned out the plugged duct I'd been nursing (hehe, excuse the pun) since Saturday got infected. I have mastitis. I'm now on antibiotics and my fever has gone down, but my boob still hurts, my duct is still plugged, and more than that I'm frustrated. I feel like I've been more sick than well since Luca was born. How can I take care of, much less enjoy, my beautiful baby boy when I'm sick all the time?

Somehow I thought that, physically at least, life would be a bit easier after I gave birth. I wouldn't have the extra weight to carry around, I wouldn't be so tired, I would get my pre-pregnancy body back. But I didn't get my pre-pregnancy body back. I got a rounder, flabbier, sicker one. What happened to feeling human? After almost six weeks I keep wondering, when do I get to feel human again?


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