Halloween Photos

We're so very busy with our new little boy! Haven't had much time to write in the journal...

So here are some photos from Halloween!

I don't know why, but the car seat is like a narcotic for him. As soon as he's in it, he's out.

She blinks during photos a lot. She looks more tired than she probably is. Or maybe not.

Outfit number 2 with candy all over.

Hangin' out with daddy.

These aren't Halloween photos, but they're darn cute!

(There are more photos on the online album.)


Chris said...

From Auntie Carla:

Awww... do you have any idea how much I love this little guy!?!?! He's amazing! And I love the both of you, too :-)

Anonymous said...

I think Luca pulled off his baby costume really well!

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