Kyra is still recovering from the c-section and is having bouts of nausea and pain. The baby, on the other hand, is doing just fine! Last night we almost slept through the entire night, waking only to wake him to feed him, which we were told not to do at his first medical appointment today.

Everything else checked out just fine, including his weight, which we were slightly worried about since he lost 10% in the first few days. He regained most of it up to today, weighing 10 pounds, 7 ounces at the medical office.

Remember to keep checking our photos of the baby! We're taking many photos, and we'll keep adding more and more to the album since it's easier than posting them here one by one. Here is the link to the photo album:

Baby Photos

Note to Kyra:

Kyra, I am so proud of you! You have been extremely strong and dedicated, especially during your day of labor. Only you know how much strength it takes to attempt the impossible (giving birth to a baby who is too big!).

I know you weren't happy with having to do a c-section, and it's been difficult for you in the past couple of days coping with little sleep, feeding the baby, and recovering from surgery. But it's all worth it: You have helped a few little cells grow into a strong, beautiful baby boy.

You are a good mommy, and I am very proud of you! Stay strong, sweetheart!

-- Chris


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