The Whole Shebang

In the words of Indigo Montoya in the Princess Bride "Let me 'splain. No there is too much. Let me sum up." So here goes:

Chris has a new job, I have a part time job that allows me to work at home, and we have a new apartment. Yeah, wow.

I'll let Chris blog about his new job, cause he has the details, but I can talk about mine, which is related to our new place. But perhaps I should backup and give the background for our situation:

So two weeks ago Chris and I are both without jobs and packing up our old apartment to move in with my Dad when our lease ran out. This would also allow us to save money and be more flexible with job location as we wouldn't be tied to a lease. The day before our planned move, Chris and I are walking out the door on our way to a midwife appointment when Chris gets the phone call: the job offer, a really good offer, and in Middleton. In that instant, as Chris stands shirtless talking to his future employer and I search for my purse, our plans change. Chris frantically calls our apartment manager to see if the apartment we had planned on taking before Chris lost his job was still open. It was, as was the position of apartment manager. We took both. So our lives did a massive 180 in the space of a half hour or so. We have our own place, and Chris and I are both gainfully reemployed. Like I said, wow.

My job is now the aforementioned apartment manager position. Its not complicated really: advertise and show apartments in the building, respond to to tenant concerns/complaints, communicate with the landlords, clean the common areas of the building. I'll be doing most of the work during the week, but Chris is listed as manager too so he can help with cleaning and probably some of the web stuff like advertising. It won't bring in a whole lot of money, but will help with rent and let me stay at home with the baby as long as I so desire, so in that respect it's perfect.

One of my favorite quotes is "We plan, God laughs". I don't know how much I believe in God anymore, but I still like the sentiment, and somehow it feels appropriate in this situation. We can plan all we want, but in the end everything can change in an instant: Chris and my life changed when I found out I was pregnant, changed when he lost his job, changed when he got the new one. I don't think either Chris or I expected to be where we are now a year ago, six months ago, hell, we aren't even where we expected to be two weeks ago! And as much as things have changed, and will change in about a month or so, I don't regret a thing.

Especially these past two weeks. As uncertain as the future seemed, as scared as we both were at times, we got to share something which we probably won't get again for a very long time: time alone together. We shared our whole day, woke up together, went to bed together, did just about everything together. Now I really miss Chris when he leaves in the morning.

So I'll end with Kyra's cheesy moral for the day: Planning, although helpful and necessary, at times is useless because life makes its own plans, and even from the worst of times can come something wonderful.


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