Weekend Trip and This and That

This weekend, we're heading to the Twin Cities to visit Kyra's mom and sister's family. We're missing the Olympic opening with Carla, a dance, and Kyra's dad's birthday, but it will probably be the last trip to the Twin Cities until after the baby is born. I'm looking forward to seeing Kyra's niece, who is already walking! She is so cute!

We'll probably be getting the baby's stroller/car seat combo and a crib this weekend, so it should be lots of fun looking around at baby stuff. We haven't had a chance to do much of that with everything going on. Kyra enjoys looking at baby stuff, like clothing, because it makes the baby seem more real, like he will be arriving soon and in her arms. It's been pretty real for me ever since I first felt him move. Whatever your stance on the definition of life, the fetus sure seems like a separate entity from the mother when you first notice it move on its own. It feels that way to me.

The baby is doing just fine. He's getting bigger and bigger and pushing more and more on mommy's bladder and other internal organs. It's a bit uncomfortable for Kyra, to say the least. We're starting to see what might be little body parts pushing through, which is exciting and somewhat odd--it's kind of like a sci-fi movie. I try to help by massaging her belly, and that seems to work most of the time. I really want the little guy to come out and play, but his mommy said he's still too busy growing. I guess I'll have to wait.

In other areas, I've been looking for jobs all over the place. We are considering moving just about anywhere in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois. I kind of hope I find a job in the Twin Cities area. A friend told me the options for schools (elementary through college) are much more diverse and of higher quality than in Madison. Additionally, I think Kyra could find more job opportunities in her area of education. We'll see what happens. Perhaps we'll be moving after the baby is born. Oh, and job searching is so bloody boring! Wait wait wait, apply apply apply, hurt my arm from being on the computer too much, wait wait wait...

And to finish today's entry, here is a picture I have titled "Non-Bridezilla Bridezilla Pose":


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