Video Rant

Update on July 14, 2008: Google Video appears to be working much better now. I uploaded three videos last night, and it all worked immediately. Thanks for listening, Google employees!

We have a video of the wedding online.

So where's the video? Well, let me tell you. I have somewhat limited access to my computer right now, because Kyra sleeps more than I do and my computer is in the bedroom. It takes a long time to load the video from the camera onto the computer. I finally had a chance to do that last night, and I excitedly uploaded the video of the wedding ceremony to Google Video and Facebook.

If you're on Facebook and you're my "friend," you may have seen the video already or at least read that I uploaded it. It worked well, and it was rather fast, too. If you want to see it, find me on Facebook or add me to your "friends" list, and I'll gladly share it.

What about Google Video? Well, let me tell you. The video uploaded. It took a while, but it finally made it to Google Video. Then Google had to "process" it, probably meaning they were checking it for pornography or copyrighted content. After a couple of hours, it finally said it was "Live." But it's not. I click, and nothing appears. I go to the help section, there are no answers. I go to the Google Video group on Google Groups, and TONS of people are having the same problem. No one knows why or what to do to solve the problem. Google employees rarely respond to help. If you want to experience it first hand, take a look:

People are downright PISSED. And so am I! It took a long time to upload that video, and I'm upset that they wasted my time! Google doesn't even provide another way to contact them! I should have gone to YouTube to upload it. Next time, I will, and I think I'll migrate ALL of my videos there, too, including the two "videos" of the baby's heartbeat. I was so upset, after waiting an entire day for the video to work, that I started a group to talk about how Google hasn't been serving their users.

As for photos, given how many photos our friends took, the fact that we haven't yet received the professional photos yet (soon, I hope), and I don't have much time at my own computer (I'm writing this entry on Kyra's laptop), I haven't had a chance to upload photos. It will take a long time when I finally get the chance, too, since there are so many.

At any rate, when I finally get the video running (on Google Video or YouTube, or maybe a non-Google service), I will post it here ASAP. Oh, and sorry for ranting. It's a journal, what do you expect? : )


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